Expressing Creativity in Studio Photography

Studio 6 Photography

Studio photography offers photographers the freedom to express their creativity within a controlled environment. Using props and backdrops can make your photos stand out. Bold backdrops and colors are a great choice.

One studio photography tip is to frame the portrait along the model’s joint lines. This will make the subject look more professional.

Large Open Shooting Space

Whether you’re shooting fashion, portrait, beauty, or something more editorial, studio 6 is well equipped to handle it all. It’s our largest studio bay and comes with a large client area to make your clients feel comfortable. It’s ideal for larger advertising and editorial productions that need a lot of space to work in.

Our studios are self contained and can be used for both photography & video. Each one has a variety of different options for background colors and textures to provide the photographer/video shooter with plenty of choices. Studio 1 has the added convenience of an attached dressing/make-up room.

GALLERY 6 is a new Colorado photographic collective and fine art framing & print studio. Its 1,400 square foot gallery features 4 resident Colorado photographic artists and a wide variety of local landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, wild American mustangs, and photo-noir prints. It is also home to a master framer and offers a wide range of custom framing services.

Flexible Client Area

Studio 6 is a very flexible studio that can be adapted to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to capture the fleeting moments of childhood with family portraits, or you are an emerging business professional that requires high quality images for advertising and social media, we can provide you with the solution you need. We can also help you celebrate your graduating high school senior with a once in a lifetime photo session customized to their interests.

Flexible Lighting

Studio lighting has two broad categories – natural and artificial. Natural light comes from the sun and moon, and is free, but it has limitations – particularly in terms of duration. Artificial light is usually generated by strobes or continuous lights, which require a power source and can be more expensive than natural light.

Both types of lighting have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the photographer’s requirements. For example, flash lighting requires time to learn how to use properly, but is generally more powerful than continuous LED light. It also produces heat and requires a power source, which can be an issue in small studios.

New in V2: A larger selection of props – from sofas and chairs to tables. The facial expressions of the model can now be pre-visualised – from smiling to a moody expression. And finally the output of all light shapers can now be regulated, as well as the honeycomb grid.

Professional Equipment

Our studio has the ability to handle larger advertising and editorial shoots and includes a large client area for you to relax in between shoots. The studio is also equipped with a production desk to make your workflow more efficient.

Having the right equipment for your photo shoot is essential for achieving professional-looking results. Whether you’re looking for lighting, backdrops or props, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from.

Light modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas and beauty dishes allow you to shape and control the direction of your lighting. You’ll also need light stands and clamps to support your lighting.

Savage studio equipment offers everything from small and lightweight photo stand packs to patented design background support bar systems. For lighting, we offer a wide range of lights, from small and compact to powerful and durable, with accessories like gaffer tape and clamps.

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